Conor McGregor took his defeat like a true champion.

While the boxing world didn’t give Conor McGregor much of a chance in his bout against all time great Floyd Mayweather, the UFC champion managed to acquit himself well over ten rounds earning waves of respect from both the boxing and MMA community.

In defeat Conor McGregor has managed to raise his stock and prove to the naysayers that even a mixed martial artist has the goods to compete with elite boxers. That’s not to say Conor McGregor is the king of boxing as he had once suggested, but it certainly means he has a great amount of skill and potential.

After the bout, Conor McGregor caught up with UFC president Dana White as the two had a candid discussion backstage after his defeat. Take a look at the video to see an emotional Conor McGregor talking with his friend and boss Dana White.

What do you think of Conor McGregor and his performance versus Mayweather?

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  1. And do you think he’s reacting any different to any other fighter who was (as they all are) convinced that he was going to win his fight???? I can guarantee that Cunt Mayweather would’ve been reacting A LOT FUCKING WORSE if he’d lost it himself…

  2. He should be proud for fighting floyd whose one of the greatest boxer of this era, he lost but he showed great heart n didn’t get KOed immediately in the first round, all he should do is show bit of a respect to his opponents regardless of their career record or background or their appearance or family n not get into personal trash talking off limits

  3. Anyone else notice every time Floyd was getting hit he turned his back? Forcing the ref to break it up? Like the 9th where Conor got a clean hard hit on his ribs and Floyd backed up and put his hand up to the ref or Conor? And how the FOOK can you call that fight like that in R10?! No chance in hell the ref breaks that up if McGregor is whooping Floyd like that in round 10.


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