Dallas McCarver may have gotten second at the Arnold Classic… but this is just the beginning.

Deep down everyone knew that this past weekend’s Arnold Classic was really down to Dallas McCarver and Cedric McMillan. One representing the current form of mass monster size and the other representing a more old school classic muscle (though still very massive!).

Dallas may have lost the fight to Cedric at the Arnold – but he is still undoubtedly a part of the new generation and future of bodybuilding. At just 25 years old… he is placing in the top 5 of the Arnold Classic and even landed in the top 10 of last year’s Mr. Olympia. There are many, many years ahead of Dallas McCarver and the top guy should really keep an eye out before they find themselves falling to this rising star.

In honor of Dallas’ monster showing this past weekend – check out this motivational video showcasing the raw beastly power that is Dallas McCarver.

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