“Just because he talks a lot of trash doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or athlete.”

Nathan De Asha is one of the most outspoken Men’s Open bodybuilders currently competing and it’s caused quite a stir in the industry. Many debates have surfaced as to whether or not Nathan’s trash talk is professional and sportsmanlike – or more importantly, that his trash talk can’t live up to his actual talent as a bodybuilder.

This is all speculation and his body will do the real talking on stage in just under two weeks on the Olympia stage – but Dennis James has some thoughts to he haters out there who find Nathan’s trash talk unprofessional. Dennis believes that the trash talk is good for the sport. It brings more hype and gets people excited before the show. That’s a good thing. And whether or not Nathan De Asha lives up to it, while important, doesn’t have anything to do with his trash talk. Hate it if you want to hate it. Love it if you want to love it. At the end of the day – it just might bring more eyeballs onto the Olympia and by proxy the entire sport as whole. That can only be a good thing.

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