Dennis James piggie-backs on Big Ramy’s sentiments regarding Kai Greene and competing.

It’s been a few years now since Kai Greene competed on the Mr. Olympia stage – and while many hopeful fans keep spreading rumors about his return… the truth is that Kai Greene is still done with competitive bodybuilding.

This doesn’t stop people from dreaming though – and recently Big Ramy admitted that he would love to compete against Kai now. Dennis James seems to be the next major bodybuilder star to jump on the same sentiments. While Dennis James is a trainer/guru now and doesn’t compete – he thinks that even after all these years away, fans would love to see Kai Greene back on stage.

Again – this is all wishful thinking. But that just goes to show the power that Kai Greene had on the industry. Even after all these years – he is still the number one talked about bodybuilder. Check out the video clip above!

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