Dennis James doesn’t only agree with Shawn Rhoden’s win… he thinks Roelly Winklaar could have came in second.

As you could imagine, this week is all about the reactions to Mr. Olympia 2018. Everyone is giving their opinions, analysis, and breakdowns of “why this happened” or “what will happen next.” It’s the classic news cycle in bodybuilding post-Olympia.

Of course Dennis James, a guru who often posts his opinions throughout they year, has plenty to say in the aftermath of Olympia 2018. In this most recent video, compiled by Fazi Fitness, he goes as far to say he thinks Roelly Winklaar could have even landed second place. He points out Roelly’s control of his midsection compared to Phil as a key reason he wouldn’t have been surprised if he heard Roelly’s name called out second.

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