Derek Lunsford might have a chance at Olympia 212 glory… but only if Flex Lewis comes in off.

Dennis James continues to give us his expert bodybuilding opinions and predictions as we head closer and closer to the Mr. Olympia 2018 competition. His latest video touches upon the Men’s 212 division and whether or not Derek Lunsford can beat out Flex Lewis. The Men’s 212 division has a lot of talent this year and Derek is definitely one of the biggest contenders. Dennis James believes he is the dark horse who can rearrange all expectations of the Men’s 212 results at this year’s Olympia… but can probably only beat Flex Lewis if Flex himself comes in with off conditioning.

Anything can happen… but to rely on your competition to show up off isn’t the best way to win a show. So while Flex Lewis remains the obvious first choice for many in the Men’s 212 Mr. Olympia this year – let’s keep our eyes on Derek Lunsford. Maybe something crazy will happen.

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