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Dexter Jackson: “Yes, I can beat Phil.”

As we are in prime Mr. Olympia prep season now – the top Olympia qualified athletes are turning to social media to interact with fans and hype everyone up on the Vegas weekend. While it still might be just about 9 weeks away… it’s the only thing that is on the mind of the athletes prepping to take the top spot.

Case in point, Dexter Jackson. In one of his latest social media videos, Dexter answers a simple fan question – Can you beat Phil Heath? He answers quickly and confidently. Of course he can – not only that, but Phil Heath fears Dexter the most.

This is the kind of confidence that makes champions, so it’s no surprise to hear Dexter say such a thing. But do you agree? Is Dexter Jackson Phil Heath’s biggest threat? Or have the likes of Big Ramy and William Bonac become bigger threats than The Blade? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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