Dexter Jackson answers more questions from his fans on social media.

We recently posted a video where Dexter Jackson claims that “Phil Heath fears me the most!” It was a wonderful and cocky statement from a bodybuilder that has yet to back down after years of competing at the top tier level.

But there were other questions that Dexter answered during his online session – and one might be surprising to those who are hardcore bodybuilding fans for life. Dexter Jackson does not plan on keeping his size after retiring. In fact, he hates being as large as he is right now.

This just goes to show you the nature of the game. How fans demand a kind of mass monster appeal ever since Dorian Yates and later Ronnie Coleman changed the expectation for Men’s Open Bodybuilding physiques. If it were up to Dexter – he would be smaller but that won’t win him the Mr. Olympia. So for now he sticks with it and when he retires he can finally get the sweet relief of dropping some pounds. Check out the full Q&A video above compiled by Williams Fitness!

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