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Dexter Jackson’s Genesis In 1995.

It might be hard to believe, but 1995 was over 20 years ago. The world was a very different place then. Bodybuilding was aired on ESPN, Dorian Yates was the reigning Mr. Olympia Champ, and Dexter Jackson was just beginning his journey to what would eventually be known as a legendary career.

The video above shows a quick clip of Dexter Jackson’s first ever national bodybuilding show and the quality is surprisingly crisp considering it’s from 1995. While the clip may be brief – it’s a wonderful look back in time to a different era of bodybuilding. But most importantly, it’s a reminder that everyone starts somewhere. Many young bodybuilders might only know Dexter Jackson as the ageless “Blade” that breaks records and demands respect. But this video shows a man before the fame, status, and string of victories. It shows a man and bodybuilder who was hungry to do whatever it takes to become the best. Essentially he looked like a lot of you guys out there right now.

So do yourself a favor and watch the clip above. It’s entertaining as hell and even includes a quick interview segment (he was SO young!). But also use it as a humble reminder that no matter how impossible a goal may seem. It IS possible. No one is born a legend. It must be earned. The only thing standing in the way of you become the next Dexter Jackson, or Kai Greene, or even Phil Heath… is yourself.

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