Bodybuilding Motivation: Brandon Curry is the new Olympia champion!

Brandon Curry is our new Mr. Olympia champion after a hard fought battle in the Men’s Open division. This is the crowning achievement of a meteoric rise Brandon Curry has undergone over these past few years after earlier lower placings almost saw him quit bodybuilding for good. Thankfully he didn’t quit and instead took himself out to Kuwait to transform his training and physique into something entirely new and now worthy of the Mr. Olympia title.

Varyjer Motivation has put together an epic bodybuilding motivation video showcasing the rise and best moments of Brandon Curry leading up to and through his Olympia 2019 win. It’s a fittingly massive and bombastic tribute to a man who earned the top honor that any bodybuilder can achieve. If you are looking to get even more hyped than you already are about Curry’s victory – this video will light a fire under your ass and make you feel like you just watched the Mr. Olympia finals all over again. Check it out above!

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