The definitive edition of Generation Iron 2.

When Generation Iron 2 released in theaters, DVD, and VOD – it provided an updated and deep look into the current state of the bodybuilding industry. A lot had changes since 2013 and the original Generation Iron film. With the rise of social media and new divisions in the NPC and IFBB, the definition of the “perfect physique” kept changing… and the bar set higher for just how far these athletes can push mass, size, and muscle.

Now Generation Iron 2 goes even deeper with the unrated extended edition – containing over 20 minutes of extra footage, new interviews, uncut moments, and jam packed with new special features. This is truly the definitive edition of Generation Iron 2 providing the most comprehensive look into bodybuilding as it exists today.

The Generation Iron 2 Unrated Extended Edition DVD will be available on December 11, 2017 and you can PRE ORDER RIGHT NOW only on the official Generation Iron Store. Check out the first look trailer above and get pumped for a brand new version of Generation Iron 2.

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  1. Unless it’s more Piana then no. That Calum guy had zero personality and rode a skateboard ffs and Kai was just boring everyone up again with his routine whinging.
    If they must make anymore get old clips of Piana and put Lee priest and Phil heath back on. Ppl who actually have charisma and views

  2. Really turned out to be more about what bodybuilders prepare to do when getting out if the business or other hobbies/career paths while still in the business.

    Long story short, the first one was much better imo


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