WATCH: Hafthor “The Mountain” Bjornsson’s Training For The Arnolds Is Brutally Intense

“The Mountain” Hafthor Bjornsson is training like a savage.

As the Arnold Sports Festival approaches we’re seeing competitors from all different sporting backgrounds ramp up their training in hopes of becoming the best of the best. While many are focused on the bodybuilding competitions present at the show, there are also other categories to consider at the festival. One of the hallmarks is the strongman competition featuring the strongest men on the planet. Hafthor Bjornsson, affectionately referred to as “The Mountain” due to his stint on the popular “Game of Thrones” series, is looking for a big win at the Arnold Sports Festival strongman competition.

After placing second at the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition, Hafthor Bjornsson seems primed and ready for a major comeback in 2018. While Hafthor could rest on his laurels and be content with being the second strongest man in the world, he’s instead choosing to push himself to new heights. Hafthor Bjornsson didn’t get into strongman competition to be second best after all. He came to dominate the sport and leave his mark on it. While he’s already made quite the name for himself and cemented his legacy in stone, Hafthor won’t be content until he is deemed the strongest man on the planet.

In order for Hafthor to achieve such a momentous goal, he must push his body to new limits and train hard to increase his strength. From the looks of the below Instagram post, the Icelandic powerhouse is looking to do just that.

What do you think of Hafthor Bjornsson and his preparation for the Arnold Sports Festival?

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