Kevin Levrone has major support in the form of Jay Cutler and Kai Greene.

With Kevin Levrone set to step on stage for the final time, all the greats are out in Australia at the Arnold Sports Festival showing their support of the veteran bodybuilder. Kevin Levrone has been a major influence on a ton of bodybuilders, including former Olympia champion Jay Cutler. Kai Greene also gives Kevin Levrone best wishes in the video. Take a look!

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  1. Kevin will go down as one of the legends of the IFBB in my opinion. Well deserved and hella transformation at 53 years old. It really does show that age doesn’t matter! You can do anything you set your mind to. Well deserved to be a Legend and a true CHAMPION

  2. He is one of the triumphant warriors of this sport. Won many battles, and came second to the best of all times-Ronnie Coleman. Has absolutely nothing to prove. I hope he doesn’t damage his health trying to prove what he already doesn’t have to.

  3. All this HYPE about Kevin what about Dexter Jackson runner up and top 5 !!! He’s only a few years younger then Kevin yet HE STAYED IN THE GAME AND DIDN’T LOOSE ANYTHING! WTF? Give credit and props to the RIGHT MAN

    • Why should we put the focus away from Kevin Levrone, when he is doing Something great. Just because some other bb is doing good, dosn’t mean we should just totally give a F… grow up man, and stop hatting. You would never be able to gain the Way Kevin gains, and in such short time. Keyboard warrior


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