Jay Cutler gives his first hand perspective on finally defeating the 8x Mr. Olympia champion.

Jay Cutler is a bodybuilder that represents the true value of patience and persistence. While we all remember Jay as a 4x Olympia champion bodybuilder – that wasn’t always the case. For a long stretch of time, Jay was a constant runner up to Ronnie Coleman. For four years Jay battled to win the Olympia only to fall second. It was a hard cross to bare – especially because Ronnie seemed unstoppable. Would Jay ever win? That’s a thought that constantly went through his head. He even contemplated quitting because he believed the judges would never give him the Sandow against Ronnie.

But instead of quitting Jay Cutler continued to persevere and through his focus and strong will he eventually dethroned Ronnie – and went on to win four Olympia titles during the rest of his career. In the video above, Jay explains from his own perspective the battle and constant struggle to defeat Ronnie… and takes us through those moments when he finally dethroned him. Check it out above!

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