Watch what happens when a fellow Physique competitor calls out on Jeremy.


  1. Good for Buendia!!!! Although in my opinion he should have not let this fool get to him that deep. I think Mr. BROWN showed more arrogance and dislike for the champ…more than anything for calling him out like that….According to the results last year….hmmm let’s see….he needs to beat about 4 more guy’s before reaching Buendia… fool just wanted to create a situation to benefit him…nobody really knew of him up until this happened….I sure didn’t…So I looked him up….I hope he knows that he understands he looked like a fool and even more so when he doesn’t win…..if anything Ryan has a better chance. We will see

    • Maria I thought it was a bad move on George’s behalf to make this kind of scene, however you are totally WRONG when you say that no one had heard of George Brown until this incident. George is actually considered one of the top flight cream of the crop competitors in the division

      I guess I know because I am a huge fan of the sport and an amateur competitor myself.

      Again I agree with you that George was out of line, however I cringed when you painted this picture of him being a no name in the sport…He is a big name in the Mens Physique division and has been for about 5 years…LOL

  2. Was that George Brown? Cause if he was, this year he will not even be able to beat Ryan, Potvin or Sergi…. no competitor goes to Olympia to loose, but very few have a real shot for the titles in line. Im huge Sergi Constance fan, but have to be honest and this will be 4th Mr O for Buendia.

  3. Fuck generation iron and thier bullshit page. I can’t ever just click on the link without it redirecting me to a stupid rewards page or virus page. Knock it off change ur policies on spam . It’s very annoying having to click the link 4 fucking times just to watch the video

  4. What kill me is that after reading these comments half of you don’t know who George Brown is which tells me you don’t truly follow that sport. One man alone did not developed MP . Buendia wasn’t even the first to be crowned. Took two years! Sadik amongst other names set the standard for mens physique into what it is now. I take nothing from Buendia. Everyone is weak and wants to show sportsmanship and to nice to fellow competitors. This fire in both men is what makes you all gossip today. Rivalries are what build the sport….not one man!


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