Juan Morel takes us step by step through his Arnold Classic South America 2019 win and what his future holds.

The latest big bodybuilding competition to come through the industry this month was the Arnold Classic South America 2019 – one of the many Arnold Classic branded events that bring out the biggest stars and most talented athletes to compete on stage. Juan Morel pulled off a stunning victory that many didn’t see coming in the lead up to the competition… but all of that changed when he stepped on stage with a career best physique.

Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin sat down with Juan Morel via Skype to follow up on the Arnold Classic South America victory and walk through his training prep step by step leading up to the show. Juan Morel is a very different pro bodybuilder than the man who was competing years ago – and has learned a lot along the way on how to hone his passionate hunger for victory into something extremely powerful through proper dieting and training techniques.

What did he change and how did he change it for such fantastic results? And what does the future hold as he barrels forward into competitions for the rest 2019? Find out in our exclusive interview above!



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