Taking the traditional cheat day to new heights.

When you’re on a mission to make considerable gains and improve your body composition it’s absolutely necessary to get the right amount of calories and nutrients into your body in order to stimulate growth. During the week it’s necessary to get your meals to be an exact science in order to get the best results.

While eating healthy is necessary for the best physique, there’s nothing like a cheat day to refeed your muscles that have been damaged all week by tough training. But there’s the regular kind of cheat day that all of us normal humans can enjoy, then there’s the cheat meals of Juan Morel.

Juan Morel is a veteran bodybuilder who knows exactly how his body responds to food and training. Even so, the epic cheat day that Juan Morel puts himself through is absolutely bonkers. Check out the epic 20,000 calorie cheat day of Juan Morel.

What do you think of this epic cheat day?

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