Kai Greene responds to the rumors of returning to the Olympia.

Ever since Kai had stopped competing, every single year there are rumors stating that he will come back. It’s understandable, he was The People’s Champ after all. But this year the rumors are especially prevalent. This is most likely due to the massive change in lineup – virtually guaranteeing that if Kai came in on point, he would win the Sandow for sure.

But Kai has remained silent – which gives hope to all of the fans out there. Silence doesn’t mean no. That’s why Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin sat down with Kai Greene to get the truth once and for all. No more silence – Kai gives an answer once and for all to the rumors swirling around the bodybuilding industry. Will Kai Greene compete at the Mr. Olympia 2019? Or ever again for that matter? Watch the video above and find out!

Beyond Olympia chatter, Kai Greene has been auditioning for some as of yet unannounced movie roles and will be in Los Angeles in August to meet with television executives – pushing his brand and acting career to the next level.

Strength Wars Movie

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