Kai Greene’s thoughts on Phil Heath not competing at Olympia 2019.

This weekend is the New York Comic Con and each year Kai Greene brings bodybuilding into nerd culture in a big way with the ongoing expansion of his Chronicles Of King Kai series. The comic series has now had up to four issues released and has been received positively by both bodybuilding and comic book fans alike.

Generation Iron decided to take advantage of Kai Greene being so close to our offices by heading on over to the expo and meeting up with Kai for a quick interview. While Kai Greene has not been competing professionally in bodybuilding for the past few years – each and every year fans hope and spread rumors that Kai will return to compete at the Mr. Olympia. These rumors came to a head this year due to the fact Phil Heath was not competing at Olympia after his loss in 2018. So would Kai return to scoop up a Sandow trophy?

Ultimately, Kai Greene stuck to his guns and stayed out of the race. But what did Kai Greene think of his greatest rival, Phil Heath, skipping out on Olympia 2019? Was it a good idea? Was it a bad idea? Does it even matter? Check out our exclusive interview with Kai Greene as he shares his opinions on Phil Heath’s year off from bodybuilding and what he thinks we can expect from Phil in 2020 above!

Kai Greene NY Comic Con 2019Kai Greene NY Comic Con 2019


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