Kali Muscle addressed the fans and the haters.

Kali Muscle has always been an outspoken individual since coming to prominence on YouTube. Always looking to keep it real with his fans, Kali Muscle looks to address some of the talk that’s been going around through the fitness community.

Recently, Kali Muscle has come “under fire” due to losing a noticeable amount of muscle mass. While many people have been discussing this change in physique, the man himself has yet to address the issue. Now, Kali Muscle has decided to set the record straight and explain exactly what’s going on with his physique.

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  1. Why is everyone giving him respect? He lied for years claiming all natural and ramen noodles lmao. Just another typical hoodrat

    • Because he didnt have to say anything. He doesn’t owe me you or anyone else an explanation on what he chooses to do with his body.


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