Kevin Levrone gives his final farewell.

This weekend will be the final time that the legend Kevin Levrone steps onto a bodybuilding stage. While many have been writing off his comeback, there are a large contingent of supporters who believe Levrone will shock the world this weekend at the Arnold Classic Australia.

Ever since making his return to the posing stage at the 2016 Olympia, Kevin Levrone had vowed to bring his best possible physique to the sage for one final competition, in hopes of proving to himself as well as the fans that he still could bring a high level bodybuilding physique to the stage despite his age.

His recent progress pics and videos suggest that he’s been putting in some hard work and has never looked better even at the age of 53.

Now, as he makes his final preparations for the last show in his career, Kevin Levrone is sending a final farewell to the fans before stepping onto the professional bodybuilding stage for the final time.

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    • Ronnie Arnold the treatments he had eliminated his knee issues.. prp… he can squat.. he won’t be 100% old Kevin… but 80% and if he can bring 85-90% of old Kevin… its gonna be a nice battle to see

    • Manny Bharaj Thanks for the comment. I disagree. Look at his legs in the Olympia. I love the guy but no way he can compete. The legs are one of the first things to go.

    • Ronnie Arnold so they say… I choose to look at the positive aspects of giving him the benefit of the doubt.. I think he’s earned that much!…. Maybe he will never be the same as being 20’s or 30’s or even 40’s… none of us ever will be…. but he’s definitely going to bring a more complete showing this weekend.. and for that.. alone.. is worth respecting the man.. if he’s bringing 80% of the old Kevin.. that’s a darn amazing achievement.. and 80% of his legs.. are still going to be formidable… cheers.. and lets all wait and appreciate the dude for giving a generation some hope to never give up!!…on themselves.

    • Ronnie Arnold, he hurt himself training legs before the Olympia. That’s why they were lagging. You can’t compare his Olympia pics to this go around.

      He’s had the time to bring them up.

      He won’t win it, but I hope he does well. He has always been one of my favorites. He’s a freak in the gym and a stand up guy on top of it.

  1. No matter what. What this man is doing at 50+ looking the way he does and training with such a high intensity is something special. Won’t see many ever accomplish a look like he has at 50+
    Certainly an inspiration on many levels.

  2. Kevin , I watched your training videos and my friend you are truly doing it , I had the pleasure many years ago share a train ride with you and I’ll never forget the look of determination on your face to be the best no matter what and you have proved that , I’m 58 and hitting hard in the gym stepped out of the lime light to pursue my business career. I’ve gone on and on with life and I love it. your friend in bodybuilding and in spirit.

    J.J Marsh
    90, Houston Pro Champion
    91, Iron Man Pro Champion
    91, 5th, Place Arnold Classic

  3. Kevin is an inspiration to anyone who wants to believe that there are no barriers to what you can achieve, except the ones in your own mind. I’m 47, and have been bodybuilding since I was 16. I’ve chosen to do it naturally, but truly respect what Kevin has accomplished. He is doing it right in his field, and with class. He will go out as a true champion in the sport of bodybuilding. Thanks for inspiring those of us that believe in what the haters say cannot be done, Kevin.

  4. Legend top 3 for sure… He’s made some come back after being out of the limelight for so long… he’s done the unthinkable and whatever place he takes will be a bonus… much respect for KL


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