Mike O’Hearn confronts steroid allegations head on.

For as long as Mike O’Hearn has been gracing magazine and book covers – fans have been suspicious of his “all natural” claim. In an industry where steroids are the unspoken norm, it’s hard to believe that someone of such incredible size and strength could be completely steroids free. But many drug tests have shown throughout the years that Mike O’Hearn is good to his word… for some reason, though, that’s never enough for hardcore bodybuilding fans. In this preview clip from The Breakdown – Shawn Ray asks O’Hearn point blank about his all natural claims. Mike O’Hearn doesn’t mince words when he responds just as clearly. Hear his answer in the clip above and make sure to check out the full episode tomorrow on Wednesday, March 7th. Only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network!

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    • No they don’t! That’s the point!

      Tons of newbies buy supplements thinking it’s going to get them to the next level.

      There are a TON of people that don’t realize what they are looking at.

      I’ve been training for 25 years and at one point I was one of them. We all probably were.

    • It’s easy to resent an obviously lying athlete…. But, tell me when American Gladiators has a contract in front of you for 20k an episode, with a non disclosure clause to deny steroid use(which he has been doing anyways since at least 1997) for the rest of your life, you wouldn’t sign it and keep yourself from being sued or lose lucrative endorsements. All to often, people miss the point with these guys, they are wealthy athletes and marketability can make you rich. You get labeled a cheater and you can lose literally millions of potential $$$…

      Heard anything from Lance Armstrong lately? No, he won’t be making multi-million dollar deals anytime soon. Hopefully he invested well…

    • This shit explains itself guys. These guys aren’t compulsive liars. They are shrewd businessmen. And it’s VERY clear that the ones who deny the hell out of performance enhancement succeed and advance in their prospective industry FAR better than the rest…

    • You just show a lack of knowledge of medecine. We are not all equal genetically, some people can some can’t. For example, there’s a lot of bodybuilder from the golden age era that are very fine, arnold, lou ferrigno, frank zane, those guys were on steroids, but if you managed it properly, and listen to your body, you won’t die from steroid. And that’s what mike is doing, manage it. But I can tell you for sure he is using steroids, mike show a lot of secondary sign of use of growth hormones. The only reason he keeps deny it, is because of the sponsors and all this stuff. I actually don’t care, I just appreciate his athlete work, and every athlete is doping himself right now, so i’m not judging.

    • Steroids don’t kill people. To this date no medical examiner has ever listed steroids as “cause of death”. If you use way too much the worst thing that can happen is high blood pressure, acne, and possible other estrogenic side effects depending on the particular product. They don’t directly kill you no matter how much you take.

      • That’s like saying no addict has ever died from a drug. The drug didn’t kill them they had a heart attack. As the result of THE DRUGS!!!. I went to school with a kid back in the 80s he was about 252 pounds and solid. So I asked him how he got so big. His dad and brothers were all concrete workers and that’s what he did all summer long vacations and when he was grounded. He didn’t even know what a steroid was. He was naturally strong. So for mike o hearn to say he is drug free it us possible he was a power lifter long before he was a body builder. He was also athletic all through his child good.

  1. Everyone’s comments on here are just stupid! Uneducated meat heads that wish they could look like him, but to fat and lazy to do the work

  2. He has juiced. He’s full of shit. He only says that because of his career.

    All good if you juice and tell the truth. I can’t stand these guys claiming to be natural and CLEARLY are not.

    Women that compete in figure are on steroids. Low dosages, but they do take them. I know from experience and not talking out of my ass.

    That said, he’s full of shit.

  3. Who cares.. Yes he Needs to chill on the all natural look.. dude works his ass off , you won’t see 95% of the bodybuilders pushing the limit like him all year long to be that lean. And keep the bubble gut off. So maybe the new age bodybuilders should follow his natural habitat..lol

  4. It’s gone way too far now for him to ever admit it. People can make their own mind up, but who actually cares. I’ve seen the guy up close and he’s a unit. But I agree, this constant I’m a natty BS sours his image. If he had said all along, think what you want, I’d have a lot more respect for him.

  5. There is no doubt that mike is in amazing condition and I think he is a great ambassador of the sport and inspires a lot of people, however, at his age, I struggle to understand due to a natural decrease in testosterone and gh production within the body how he can train everyday with the intensity he shows and also recover to keep it up….. without a live drug test he will always face these questions…

    • There’s not even a question, he’s been on gear for a long time. he’s turning 50 in the next year. All he has to is keep denying and he continues to make himself more marketable for TV, movie, and product endorsement…

  6. Who cares? The only people who should give a shit would be guys who compete against him in natural competitions… which he doesn’t do anymore… and most of those guys are on too… outside of that if you care what this guy or anyone else is running… you are an insecure idiot with too much time on your hands…

  7. He’s about as natural as a three-headed unicorn. He reminds me of a man who gets caught cheating on his girlfriend but denies it to the death regardless of all the evidence proving it. He just knows the ramifications that would happen if he came clean so he’s way too far into it now to be honest.

  8. Mike O Tren suffers from this issue its called pathological lying also called pseudologia fantastica and is a behavior of habitual or compulsive lying. Although it is a controversial topic, pathological lying has been defined as falsification entirely disproportionate to any discernible end in view, may be extensive and very complicated, and may manifest over a period of years or even a lifetime, he needs to see a psychologist to get help

  9. Steroids aside, Mike has always been a little loose with the truth. He claims to be a top level powerlifter. He’s obviously pretty strong but George Leeman basically said he would “laugh in his face” if he ever met him. Also during his 90s M&F cover heyday he claimed to be a Judo expert which was BS.

  10. There’s an interesting phenomenon about compulsive liars that shows that due to the amount of lying they do they actually start believing in their own lies and mistake them for reality. Fact

  11. Of course Shawn Ray doesn’t believe his bullshit. This Mike O’ Roids is disgrace for the bodybuilding world, making young people believe that they can achieve what he has achieved only by the power of their own will.

  12. Does not matter if he takes steroids. Who dosent take steroids these days.Most people taking steroids cant even get close to his gains. So well done to him.

  13. I don’t know why he is lying about being on gear. Hell, no one with any size is natural. At the very least, We take protein shakes, pre workout and post workout supplements so that’s not natural. But mike is not only on gear but he is on a lot. Yes it takes hard work and lots of food but telling people you’re natural makes you jerk.


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