Mike O’Hearn confronts steroid allegations head on.

For as long as Mike O’Hearn has been gracing magazine and book covers – fans have been suspicious of his “all natural” claim. In an industry where steroids are the unspoken norm, it’s hard to believe that someone of such incredible size and strength could be completely steroids free. But many drug tests have shown throughout the years that Mike O’Hearn is good to his word… for some reason, though, that’s never enough for hardcore bodybuilding fans. In this preview clip from The Breakdown – Shawn Ray asks O’Hearn point blank about his all natural claims. Mike O’Hearn doesn’t mince words when he responds just as clearly. Hear his answer in the clip above and make sure to check out the full episode tomorrow on Wednesday, March 7th. Only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network!

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