Nathan De Asha can’t be humble… but he believes an athlete should be gracious in defeat.

Nathan De Asha likes to share his opinions on social media. This much is known (and honestly, often entertaining). But the irony is that he also calls other people out for sending out their opinions on social media as well. Once again – this is wildly entertaining. So we’re not complaining.

Nathan’s most recent thoughts involve Sasan Heirati – who recently made some comments about landing second place. Nathan makes a point to tell Sasan that a true athlete should be gracious in defeat and humble in victory… but then goes on to say that Nathan himself is not humble. That’s just not who he is. So basically, no one is humble in this situation. However, it’s a lot easier to come off better when you’re the one in first place. At the end of the day – the results speak for themselves.

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