Get your first look at Hidetada Yamagishi’s post Arnold Classic journey.

Known as The Dragon – Hidetada Yamagishi is an iconic bodybuilder. The first Japanese pro bodybuilder who dominated in the top end of Men’s Open then moved down to Men’s 212 and became an Arnold Classic champion in 2016.

This year Hidetada returned to the Arnold Classic to defend his title but was unable to hold his champion position. Now at a crossroads – Hidetada must decide his next steps and how to move forward towards Mr. Olympia 2017 and beyond. For the first time ever and at a critical moment in his career – get an inside look into the man behind The Dragon. Following his post Arnold Classic journey, Heart Of A Dragon explores the life, training, and future of Hidetada Yamagishi. And reveals a side of the pro bodybuilder that has yet to be seen by the bodybuilding industry.

The documentary short, Heart of a Dragon, will release on the Generation Iron Fitness Network August 2nd, 2017. You can get your first look in the trailer above.

You can also check out the poster below:

Hidetada Yamagishi Heart Of A Dragon Poster Generation Iron Hidetada Yamagishi Heart Of A Dragon Poster Generation Iron

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