Phil Heath is back in action!

The 2017 Olympia was perhaps the most difficult show in the career of reigning champion Phil Heath. After winning the title six times in a row, it was thought that Phil Heath would absolutely dominate the competition for years to come. But this past year saw the champion struggle against the competition, in particular Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay. When it was reported that Phil Heath was suffering from a hernia before the event, things started to make a bit more sense.

Now that he has undergone a successful hernia surgery, Phil Heath is already getting right back at it as he stepped on stage for the first time since the 2017 Olympia. At the Darcy Beckles Classic in Barbados, Phil Heath showed off his legendary musculature. While it appears that he’s still recovering from surgery, it’s good to see the champion back on stage.

The video courtesy of luimarco shows the seven time Olympia champion guest posing for the crowd in Barbados. Take a look!

What do you think of Phil Heath guest posing so soon after surgery?

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  1. There’s no way he had the surgery that he claims he had it’s not possible to be up there after what he claimed he had An look at the belly it’s no smaller he claimed his hernia was 5 inches by 5 inches if he had that took out you’d see a massive difference An he claimed he could of died from if listen my pop had the same thing done An he lost a lot of his gut after having it done An he couldn’t do any thing for 3 months after. Now Phil is a beast crazy 3D An separation is on a mother level an I think he deserved to win 6 of his 7 wins at the Olympia with this year I feel he should of lost . Phil should of told the truth about his stomach he got it trying to put on size trying to keep up with ramy but that shouldn’t be phils game look at him in 2011 he was 10 pounds lighter on stage An was at his best. But I think phils timr is up an I think it’s going to be took over by ramy if thinks are judged fairly. But ever one has there opinion An I like to hear them all because trust me Phil an ramy are my two favourite bodybuilders competing today along with Kai so I’d love to see Phil at his best again. Even Phil in 2016 was amazing a lot of people feel that was his best shape.


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