The man who was “knocked out” in Logan Paul slap video reveals the truth.

Russian Slap Fight Competition to see if he can survive against champion Dumpling through some intense face slapping. But before we could find out if Logan Paul would get knocked out – he quit the competition just days before the event.

He later posted a video showcasing the slap that made him decide to quit. A video showcasing Logan Paul knocking someone out so terribly that it made him rethink the health and safety of the competition.

It turns out the entire slap video was fake.

YouTuber Kenny KO recently posted an interview with the man who was slapped unconscious by Logan Paul. Known as Slap For Cash, the man knocked out in the video was actually paid to pretend to be knocked out. He actually makes an entire business of it. He gets paid to pretend to be knocked out.

We have updated our previous GI Exclusive video to now include an excerpt from Kenny KO’s interview with Slap For Cash where you can see they go into even more detail and reveal behind the scenes footage that show Slap For Cash was never really knocked out at all… and it was all fabricated as an excuse for Logan Paul to quit. Check it out above.


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