A raw unedited conversation from the set of Generation Iron 2.

It was devastating news that rocked the bodybuilding industry when word hit of Rich Piana’s untimely passing. Regardless of whether you loved or hated him, the loss of life will leave a void to his friends, family, and fans across the world. It’s a tragic time for many.

The best we can do is remember the man as he lived. His personality and his impact on the world. Remember the life rather than the death. That’s why we decided to release this unedited and raw interview from the set of Generation Iron 2. This is not a sit down interview but rather a candid conversation between director Vlad Yudin and Rich Piana. No lights, no scripted questions – simply an honest look at the man who impacted so many lives.

We hope in this small way we can contribute to the vibrant life Rich Piana led as many grieve his passing. You can watch the full clip above.



  1. One of the few people i actually wanted to meet one day. will miss his videos and the way he gave his advice and offered his knowledge for free for his fans unlike so many others that won’t give a tip without you paying for it. RIP Big man

  2. I’m just wondering if the massive weight gain. And then dropping so drastically, And I know he’s done this over and over if that put extra stress on his heart and caused the cardiac arrest. I loved his Honesty and generally seemed like a nice guy. He will be missed

    • He was as honest as they come. Hence why he always had my respect. Unlike all these other jokes that lie about using gear and claim to be “natty”. I’m sure the gaining 40+ lbs and dropping had some kind of role in it.

      • I noticed the sniffling also. He mentioned having a “problem with adderall” also. Sucks this guy died before he was able to enjoy the fame and money.

    • He was a good guy. He worked out at the North Hollywood Gold’s Gym before moving to Florida. I saw him all the time, he wasn’t cocky, he’d stop working out and say hi to a fan, give advice and even invite others to join him. Cool dude, everyone loved him.

    • No. Stop overthinking when you don’t know anything but the most basic shit about the human body. It was pmma. An overdose. A drug not good for anyone’s heart

  3. He is sniffing in so many videos. It’s obvious gear isn’t the only recreational he partook of. More than likely just like with Zyzz for Rich, it was the combination of things like blow with the gear that fucked em up.
    The bodybuilders of old who just did some gear then moved on and didn’t party a ton are mostly still here and pretty healthy.
    Hate that they’re gone.

  4. This was devastating news when I heard of his passing… I honestly 100% without a doubt knew he was going to pull through this… I still can’t believe he’s gone… I keep waiting to see a new video posted on his YouTube… He inspired me and motivated me to get myself back on track and take of my health issues and weight issues… I was never fortunate to be able to meet him in person to thank him for everything he has done for me… I really hope his channel stays open so we as fans and friends can continue to enjoy and watch his videos for inspiration, motivation, knowledge and a good laugh! Rich is truly a legend in the industry and in life! Rich’s legacy will live on forever! Rich will live on through all of us! RIP brother… kill that shit in heaven for us and we will kill this shit down here for you… much love and respect brother… I/we will always miss you

  5. people are fucked! He does if you want if you’re not a legend! a credible and sincere respect for people, and you will too! and that frankly to the opinion of the six said yes not lied! everyone has an opinion and is for those who dare openly say you have someone who is not!

  6. It sucks that I can’t meet him in person , but I know one day on the other side I will. I have so much respect for rich and everything he did. The legacy he left behind is one hell of a legacy. I didn’t know him personally and I already miss him. Goes to show what kind of impact he had on people. Nothing but love , respect and prayers for rich , his family , friends , and fans. God bless them.

  7. The same type of people shaming Rich for living his life with the utmost “self acceptance” are the same people supporting “gender neutral” or preaching equality in other aspects.. like Chanel said we are all in this together and no one is getting out alive.. stop with the negative shit even if you don’t understand it… get you’re fuckin heads straight.

  8. Anyone can say anything bad about him, at the end of the day no bodybuilder out there will take 10 to 15 minutes of his time to give advice or talk about life like how rich did, I have the utmost respect for this man. R.I.P #richpiana

    • I met him 2 years ago at the cali fit expo i was excited to meet him and jay cutler, i met rich first and his exact words were hey brother how you doing, i said good he said whats your name i told him as my sister was taking a picture with us then i told him i tried his 8 hour arm workout but i could only do 4, he then said that is good now next time try 5 then 6 you will gradually get there but keep going. After that i was star struck respected him more cause he took the time to talk to me and give me advice, he loved his fans. Then I met Jay and he was a total prick, i said hi jay nice to meet you he didnt say a word just smiled shook my hand and i asked him if he could sign one of his posters for me and that was it, lost total respect for that guy


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