Roelly Winklaar has continually grown into insane mass monster size… now we know why.

Roelly Winklaar has been a fan favorite for years and years in the Mr. Olympia race to the top. In some ways, this might be due to his popularity in the original Generation Iron – revealing his personality and interesting relationship with his coach known as Grandma. But he’s also beloved for his hulking behemoth size that seems to continually grow from year to year.

This size is part of the reason he can’t crack to the top 3 at Mr. Olympia – he just can’t bring that conditioning into the right shape. But never the less his massive size is a sight to behold… and now we may know why he’s been blowing up in size so much over the years.

Jose Raymond gives us another video update, compiled by Fazi Fitness here, where he claims that under the coaching of Grandma, Roelly was “borderline natural” and it wasn’t until they parted ways that he began to experiment in new ways that led to his increased size.

Whether or not this is true or just speculation on Jose Raymond’s part is anyone’s guess – but it does help explain the insane amount of size he continues to put on every single year. Check out the full video above!

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