Ronnie Coleman is coming to the big screen.

To many in the bodybuilding world, Ronnie Coleman is known as The King. He is not only one of the best bodybuilders to ever exist – but he is also known as one of the strongest. Ronnie Coleman did what seemed like the impossible and has yet to be replicated since – he put on nearly 300 lbs of muscle while still main- taining a shredded and symmetrical physique. He shares the world record for most Mr. Olympia titles, the Super Bowl of bodybuilding, at eight victories.

Ronnie Coleman pushed his body to the limit in order to achieve this. Now this rst ever authorized docu- mentary on Ronnie Coleman follows up with the legend nearly 20 years after his prime. Covering his child- hood, bodybuilding career, and post-retirement life – this documentary will show the sacri ce required to become The King of bodybuilding… and how that sacri ce has put a toll on his body with countless sur- geries. Yet still his only regret is that he didn’t push himself even harder. A man with nonstop conviction, dedication to family, and remarkable willpower – witness the ultimate exploration of bodybuilding’s biggest legend yet.

Watch the teaser trailer above! Coming soon 2018.




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