Shaun Clarida breaks down his future plans after an epic win at the New York Pro 2018.

Shawn Ray talks with Shaun Clarida just moments after his Men’s 212 win at the New York Pro 2018. They discuss what it took Shaun to get to get the edge over his competition and also what his future plans are for the rest of 2018. His number one goal: get into the top 6 at Mr. Olympia 2018. Will he be able to achieve it? And can he ever topple the reigning champ Flex Lewis?

These are questions whose answers will surely become more clear as the rest of the year continues. But from the looks of it – Shaun Clarida is playing the slow and steady wins the race formula of competing. Focusing on incremental improvements year after year until he finds himself landing at the top spot. Only time will tell if this tactic will work in his favor… but judging on this New York Pro 2018 win, it will be one hell of a ride.

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