Shawn Ray breaks down the Olympia 2017 Men’s 212, Classic Physique, and other divisions.

Yesterday Shawn Ray gave us his analysis and breakdown of the top contenders competing in the Olympia 2017 Men’s Open. The obvious highlight of an action packed weekend in the bodybuilding industry. Today Shawn goes into the other divisions including the Men’s 212 and Classic Physique. Will Flex Lewis win the Men’s 212 Olympia title yet again? Can Danny Hester return as a champion in the Classic Physique or will there be new contenders waiting for him in this still young division. Shawn goes into the strengths and weakness of each athlete so you can know what to expect going into the weekend. He also quickly breaks down Fitness, Figure, Bikini, Men’s Physique, and Women’s physique. Get yourself Mr. Olympia ready and watch Shawn Ray’s analysis and forecast above!

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