The mindset of a champion.

Shawn Rhoden winning the 2018 Olympia was a true underdog story. After coming in fifth place at the 2017 Olympia, no one thought Shawn Rhoden had what it took to get to the top spot. No one accept Shawn Rhoden himself and his team of supporters who believed without a doubt that he could rise to the top of the division.

With the title of number one bodybuilder firmly in his possession, Shawn Rhoden now has the tough task of defending his newly achieved status of Olympia kingpin. But if he maintains the kind of mindset that led him to victory to 2018, ‘Flexatron’ will be surely tough to beat.

This motivational video shows you exactly the kind of mindset that Shawn Rhoden possessed heading into the 2018 Olympia and it will motivate you to go out and seek to fulfill your own goals.

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