And you thought the first batch of stories were f*#ked up…

Gregg Valentino might not be the most “professional” bodybuilder out there. He doesn’t compete anymore and hasn’t for some time. He doesn’t even get too involved with the major leagues like the IFBB or NPC.  But what he does do… is tell the most hilarious, insane, and amazing bodybuilding stories imaginable. That’s why we’re proud to announce that Storytime with Gregg Valentino will be coming back for a second season. The contract is signed, the plan is in motion, and soon you’ll be hearing a whole lot more from Gregg Valentino.

You thought the first season was messed up? Wait until you hear the new batch of stories Gregg has in store for you. Season 2 is going to be completely uncensored, wilder, and full of the most f*#ked up things you’ve ever heard – it might just make you question life itself. Check out Gregg Valentino’s announcement above and stay tuned for more info regarding Storytime With Gregg Valentino Season 2.

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