The Rock trains more hardcore than any celebrity in Hollywood.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson is the closest thing to an actual bodybuilder acting in Hollywood. While he never actively competed as a bodybuilder or won Mr. Olympia competitions like Arnold Schwarzenegger did, The Rock has the mentality and physique of a bonafide mass monster. It doesn’t hurt that The Rock also supports bodybuilding heavily – often showing up at major competitions. He loves this stuff.

So it should come as no surprise that he also trains like a hardcore bodybuilder. You might often see these E! Entertainment video scoops showing how Brad Pit got shredded for his latest movie… but that’s nothing compared to the intense training and massive muscle The Rock not only sculpts for his films but also maintains every single day.

That’s why Bodybuilding Priest has put together this epic compilation video reminding us all how hardcore The Rock really is in the gym. Check it out above!

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