Shawn Rhoden vs Phil Heath – epic movie trailer style.

It’s all settling in now. The results of the Olympia 2018 and the major upset of Phil Heath losing his long reigning title is already etched into history. The work week has started again and while we will be reflecting back at this year’s Olympia for a little while – soon we will be looking forward to the next year.

You’ve probably already read a bunch of opinion pieces, news reports, and interviews after the fallout of the finals. So how about we make a change of pace and turn the high intensity of the Olympia 2018 weekend into an epic action movie trailer?

Our friends over at Varyjer Motivation have compiled the weekend footage into one epic movie trailer style bodybuilding motivation video showcasing Shawn Rhoden vs Phil Heath in the most over-the-top and insane way possible. Check it out above and make sure to rewatch it before you hit the gym. This is the new motivational blockbuster you were waiting for.

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