An all natural bodybuilding transformation that showcases the true heart of the sport.

Bodybuilding is many things. It’s an appreciation of the aesthetics of muscle and physique. It’s a potential path to a healthier life. It’s a sport with competition and winners and losers. But at the heart of all these things – bodybuilding is all about the goal to bettering yourself. Whether that be looking more aesthetic, being healthier, or becoming a champion – bodybuilding is about transforming not only your body but your life.

This video compiled by Bodybuilding Priest showcases one such transformation and showcases how the bodybuilding lifestyle is not built for only specific people. Anyone who wants to change their life can be a bodybuilder and if you put in hard enough work, the results can be awe inspiring. Check out this body transformation from chubby kid to shredded bodybuilder onstage. Let this be inspiration to get you off your ass and transform your own life today.

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