WATCH: Video Of Calum Von Moger Tearing Bicep With Chris Bumstead

So it appears we’ve found the reason for Calum von Moger’s recent injury.

Sometimes we can get overzealous, particularly when we’re doing something we love. For those that count bodybuilding as their passion there comes a time when your love of lifting and your necessity to have a laugh somehow combine. For Calum von Moger the mixture backfired.

While at Gold’s Gym Venice, Calum von Moger bumped into Classic Physique Olympia runner-up Chris Bumstead. The two exchanged pleasantries and eventually to decided to make a lifting video together.

That’s when things took a turn for the worse.

While attempting to curl 400 lbs on a barbell through the combined efforts of both Calum and Chris, the Australian bodybuilder ended up injury his bicep. Take a look at the Instagram video posted by Calum von Moger himself confirming the injury and training mishap.

Do you think this injury will have a lasting effect on Calum von Moger?

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