Vince McMahon tried to make bodybuilding more EXCITING!

A common complaint from less hardcore bodybuilding fans (or even casual spectators who happened across a competition or two) is that it’s not every outwardly entertaining. Now this is all subjective. If you appreciate the physiques there is a hell of a lot to be excited and entertained about.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s slow moving. No flash or bang to the whole preceding. Vince McMahon tried to change all of that with his very own bodybuilding federation – labeled WBF (World Bodybuilding Federation). The idea was simple. Bring WWF theatrics to bodybuilding.

In the end WBF went the same downward direction as his football league XFL… but now we will always have the small window of time to look back on. The hilarious and often goofy theatrics can still be found in the annals of the internet. Just check out this video above from bodybuilding YouTube favorite Nick’s Strength and Power!



  1. 1 thing about Bodybuilding that Vince changed for the better was handing athletes contracts to be competitive bodybuilders and live off it. After it went down Weider and IFBB started doing so , which worked until now with the likes of people with high social media followings being more attractive to companies and thus signing deals.

  2. If you’re going to use Nick’s videos, at least embed them from YouTube so he gets adsense credit. It’s not right to rip them like this.


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