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William Bonac gives an Olympia training update after leg day.

William Bonac is a stellar bodybuilder (especially when considering his smaller size compared to the likes of Big Ramy). Speaking of Big Ramy, Bonac has given us his latest Olympia training update after leg day. His goal? To build up his legs to the size of big Ramy.

It seems like he is making this statement in half jest – as Big Ramy’s legs are insane looking and might not have the “classic” aesthetic that seems to be more and more favored by fans and athletes alike this past few years.

That being said – Big Ramy has the mass monster size that is favored by the judges in Men’s Open. If anyone can be a threat to Big Ramy and Phil Heath – it’s William Bonac.

Watch the video above compiled by Fazi Fitness. Are you already starting to get pumped for Mr. Olympia 2018? It’s so far yet so close!

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