Whole Food Protein vs Protein Powder: Which Is Best For Your Gains?

Food Protein or Protein Powder? That is the question.

If you hope to be an absolute beast with some solid muscle mass then training alone simply isn’t enough. Sure, if you want to build strength and muscle without any care for how your physique develops, then lift and eat to your heart’s content. However, if you’re looking to be a well muscled, shredded monster then you’re going to have to have a great diet plan that ensures fat loss and muscle retention. What’s the secret to desirable body composition? Protein of course.

Having a diet higher in protein means a number of positive things for your physique. For one, a diet higher in protein means obviously means more muscle production. It also means that while you’re building more muscle you’re losing more fat as well due to the higher levels of protein. A diet higher in protein also means reduced belly fat and all of this whether or not calories are increased or decreased.

But a great question that some have considered is what protein source is better for your gains? Protein powder or whole food protein sources?

Researcher Paul Arciero conducted a study that featured a number of focus groups. The first test compared a group who eat three meals a day, with increased protein, and a second group that ate six smaller meals a day, three of those meals including protein powder. Both groups showed signs of increased muscle and fat loss, but the second group did so at a higher rate. A second study performed showed some other interesting findings. One group had six small meals with increased whole food protein while the second group had the same number of meals with protein powder. Both groups showed similar rates of muscle gain and fat loss. It just goes to show that whether you use protein powder or whole food, it all depends on the quality and quantity of the product you’re consuming. Protein alone won’t get you to where you want to be, but it’s damn important.

How much protein is in your diet?

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