Will This New Piece Of Equipment Revolutionize The Bench Press?

Who needs a spotter anyway?

Training equipment is essential to the bodybuilder looking to pack on massive size. You can’t expect to get bulging biceps, a giant back, and a massive chest with body weight exercises alone. Your body requires resistance training with weights and other tools in order to make considerable gains. It’s a fact that every serious bodybuilder has come to know. If you’re looking to build a powerful chest like Arnold Schwarzenegger then you can’t simply rely on doing push ups to gain the progress you seek.

Besides requiring training equipment, many bodybuilders also rely on having good training partners to ensure they’re getting the best gains as well. But sometimes good training partners are hard to find and even if you do have one, there are times that they can’t always be there to help your training. Sometimes you have to go it alone, which can either be beneficial or potentially dangerous.

We’ve all seen the crazy videos online of a lifter hitting the bench by themselves, without a spotter, and are unable to lift the bar off of their chest. Heck, GI Weekly has a segment devoted to gym fails like that. But no matter how hilarious some of the videos may appear, it doesn’t change the fact that lifting alone can be a potentially life threatening endeavor.

But there’s a reason humans are the dominant creatures on the Earth and that’s innovation. Apparently someone saw the flaw in lifting solo and chose to do something about it to ensure that injury or even death while benching becomes a thing of the past. Check out the video below.

Will this bench really work or do you think it’s just a pipe dream? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter. Also, if you wish to contribute to the kickstarter for the Maxx Bench then click here.



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