William Bonac and Neil Hill Set Record Straight on Their Beef

William Bonac comments on beef with Neil Hill and the trainer responds.

In the bodybuilding world having the right trainer and athlete combination can be the difference between victory and utter defeat. While a bodybuilder may have natural raw talent, having a knowledgeable coach that can show them the ropes can take their physique to an entirely new level.

When William Bonac teamed up with Neil Hill, the bodybuilding world was put on notice. With William Bonac having such incredible genetics and work ethic and Neil Hill being known as a trainer with extensive knowledge about diet and training, the combination of the two working together was thought to bring about one of the best bodybuilders of the modern age.

William Bonac and Neil Hill produced some impressive results while working together. Bonac was even able to break into the top five of the Olympia while working with Hill.

Then the two had a falling out.

Now the story is all about the beef between the two and there appears to be some new developments.

In a recent interview William Bonac shared his opinion on the falling out between himself and Neil Hill.

“I care for Neil, and once I let you in my circle, I let you in my house, I let you under my roof, I let you around my family, that means a lot to me. So that means you mean a lot to me. I’m not going to talk this, and make you look bad, but I found out a lot of stuff was going on since day one, and it always came back to this one point. Everything was good, but when it came to that one point, the financial point, it was like something was not correct.”

It appears that William Bonac has some regrets about his handling of the falling out.

Neil Hill also had an interview of his own delving into his side of the story.

“First and foremost, there has never been one time that William has ever said anything to me of any concern, of any conspiracy, or anything underlying in any way whatsoever, with what he suggested, other than one time which was probably five or six years ago, and he didn’t actually accuse me.

“What happened, was that William and I were overseas at an event call the Loaded Cup. Now I can’t remember exactly what country it was, and I was there with William. Basically there was some form of arrangement which took place, as far as William’s fees are concerned.

“There has never been a time where I had a double contract, a double deal going on with anyone whatsoever. As far as a sponsor, whether its a guest appearance, on a personal level, no one.”

What do you make of the falling out between William Bonac and Neil Hill?

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