William Bonac Looking Impressive 3 Days Out From Olympia Europe

Does William Bonac have what it takes to extend his win streak?

The phases of bodybuilding are always changing, constantly in flux. Just when you believe one bodybuilder will rule over all others, another athlete will appear from nowhere to change public perception and assert themselves as the new breed. Big Ramy is one such individual as he only recently came onto the scene yet has been touted as being one of the only bodybuilders capable of challenging Phil Heath. Even Dexter Jackson in his own way has come back to assert himself as a threat to the number one bodybuilder in the world. Despite the fact Jackson has already tasted Olympia gold, he has trained hard in the last few years and showed that he is still one of the best. But lately it seems that William Bonac has been making his own case as one of the dark horses of the open weight division.


After winning the EVLS Prague Pro and beating out standouts like the aforementioned Big Ramy and Dexter Jackson, William Bonac has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the open weight division. While many have touted Big Ramy as the man to look out for, William Bonac is one of those competitors who just won’t go away and is even less likely to take no as an answer. That stubbornness has led him to numerous victories included the win streak that he’s on now. With the 2016 Olympia Europe coming up this weekend, William Bonac has a chance to not only extend his winning streak, but potential prove himself to be a legitimate top five threat. Take a look at Bonac just three days out from the show.

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