William Bonac and Roelly Winklaar Destroy Legs in Intense Training Session

William Bonac and Roelly Winklaar join forces.

To be the best of the best in bodybuilding means pushing yourself past your limits. To build muscle at the highest levels means being patient.

IFBB pros William Bonac and Roelly Winklaar understand that fact.

Looking to prepare themselves for the upcoming 2020 Olympia, William Bonac and Roelly Winklaar have both been working hard. In order to the bring their best, Bonac and Winklaar have joined forces.

The two bodybuilding greats met up recently to train legs. From how it looks, the session was incredibly intense. Both Bonac and Winklaar posted their session on Instagram.

Roelly Winklaar captures some of their intense training in his own post. From what it looks like, William Bonac is putting himself through some torture in order to see progress.

From the looks of things Roelly Winklaar and William Bonac are pushing each other to be at their best of the 2020 Olympia. With everything going on these days, it’s good to see that these two high level atheltes can still get some quality training together.

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