Wings of Strength 2018 IFBB Pro League Tampa Pro Results

2018 Tampa Pro results.

The 2018 Tampa Pro results are in! Find out who took home the first place prize and more importantly who was able to qualify for the Olympia with their big win!

Men’s Bodybuilding

  1. Alexis Rivera
  2. Sergio Oliva, Jr.
  3. Maxx Charles
  4. Justin Luis Rodriguez

Men’s 212

  1. Nicolas Vullioud
  2. Derik Oslan
  3. Oswaldo Gonzalez
  4. Kerrith Bajjo
  5. Fernando Noronha de Almeida

Classic Physique

  1. Henri Pierre Ano
  2. Keone Pearson
  3. Jason Lowe
  4. Damien Patrick
  5. Cleveland Thomas

Classic Physique (over 40)

  1. Kwaku Dankwa
  2. Daniel Strong
  3. Greg Rando
  4. Keith Lanier
  5. Michel Perez

Men’s Physique

  1. Logan Franklin
  2. Bader Almualim
  3. Greg Brant
  4. Khali Quartey
  5. Antony Gilkes

Men’s Physique (over 40)

  1. Andrew Jenkins, Sr.
  2. Gino Zamora
  3. Duane Brickhouse
  4. Tom DeFloria
  5. Francisco Cardona

Women’s Figure

  1. Melissa Bumstead
  2. Natalia Soltero
  3. Michele Pinto
  4. Chelsea Larson
  5. Maude Exantus

Women’s Figure (over 40)

  1. Cinderella Richardson
  2. Kim Clark
  3. Danielle Rose
  4. Maggie Watson
  5. Donya Jackson

Women’s Physique

  1. Autumn Swansen
  2. Evelaine Rocha
  3. Jeannie Fieldman
  4. Katherine Hall
  5. Jodi Lyons


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