With Regan Grimes Putting on Massive Muscle, is it a Sign he’s Moving to Open Weight?

Regan Grimes is getting massive in the off season.

Ever since his decision to move down to the Classic Physique division, many have been questioning whether or not it would be a permanent move for the up and coming Regan Grimes. While many believed that Regan Grimes would be staying at Classic Physique, his recent off season bulk is causing onlookers to come to the conclusion that he may be headed back to the open weight division.

While he may have come in 8th place at the 2018 Olympia, Regan Grimes has nothing to be ashamed of in regards to his showing. He still has a ton of potential and has the ability to make some waves in the Classic Physique division. But one must wonder if he is indeed choosing to remain in the Classic Physique division, would bulking up hurt his chances of continued success in the division?

For now, all we can do is speculate. Regan Grimes is a professional, so no matter which division he chooses to compete in, he’ll likely have a good amount of success.

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