A new batch of workout fails to make you feel better about yourself.

TOP WORKOUT FAILS OF THE WEEK – is a weekly digital series highlighting the best (or worst?) workout fails submitted to Generation Iron and GymFuckery. Combining training injuries, ego lifts, extremely bad form, and even worse decisions. This digital greatest hits of workout fails will make you cringe and laugh to wash away to work week. New episodes every Friday.

They just keep failing, don’t they? There comes a time in every man’s life when they need to decide if they own the workout fails or if the workout fails own them. Days have lost meaning as we pour over hundreds and hundreds of workout fail submissions. Who are these people? Where do they come from? Is this all secretly a live “happening” art performance that continues every week forever?

Maybe there should be some sort of gym exercise school to teach people basics. Yes, we know there are training classes and personal trainers, but there needs to be more. Maybe something like a drivers test – before you can go into a gym you need to pass a test to get a license to enter. Maybe that will stop this madness.

In either case, this week we’ve collected your fair share of fails that hit some of the greatest hits. There’s still humping on the machines (seriously, WHY is there so much humping?). There’s still some crashes to the ground. Some cable snaps and some head smacks. Whatever your heart desires you can get in the video above.

So check it out. What else do you have to lose? It’s only two minutes and it might give you a laugh. Watch the latest episode of Top Workout Fails Of The Week above!