Is it just us or are these workout fails getting more and more stupid?

TOP WORKOUT FAILS OF THE WEEK – is a weekly digital series highlighting the best (or worst?) workout fails submitted to Generation Iron and GymFuckery. Combining training injuries, ego lifts, extremely bad form, and even worse decisions. This digital greatest hits of workout fails will make you cringe and laugh to wash away to work week. New episodes every Friday.

It’s all over now. Everything is different. The world seems changed. No longer can it be seen in simple terms. Now everything is either a workout fail or not a workout fail. There is no good or evil. Now right or wrong. Just workout fails. Over and over workout fails. It’s been seventeen weeks straight of tracking the strangest, funniest, and most stupid fails in the gym here at Generation Iron. It’s starting to feel like a prison sentence. Scratching the days away into the wall trying to not forget what time is.

What if someone in one of these videos has been seriously hurt? Should that be on our conscience for watching along and laughing? Luckily this week’s fails don’t seem to look too painful. Either way – it seems like brains cells are starting to hurt and die off from watching so many of these.

This week we have a strange man with cable equipment strapped to his head so he can… workout his neck in the unsafest way possible? It’s hard to say what the intention here is – but it’s one of the highlights from this batch of workout fails. But there are plenty of entertaining bench press catastrophes as well for those looking for something more “classic.”

The weekend is almost here – so rejoice by celebrating and watching some of these entertaining fails. We worship the gods of the fail. The fails are life. Check out the latest episode of Top Workout Fails Of The Week above!