Things get loud, painful, and freaky in the latest set of workout fails from this week.

TOP WORKOUT FAILS OF THE WEEK – is a weekly digital series highlighting the best (or worst?) workout fails submitted to Generation Iron and GymFuckery. Combining training injuries, ego lifts, extremely bad form, and even worse decisions. This digital greatest hits of workout fails will make you cringe and laugh to wash away to work week. New episodes every Friday.

Have you ever noticed how many strange people there are at the gym? Sure, everyone is unique and we shouldn’t shame people in the gym – but these guys are on a whole other level. For example, why is there so much weight humping in the gym? Why does weight lifting somehow become weirdly sexual? If you can’t tell, things get a little bit freaky in this set of workout fails from the past week.

But don’t be fooled, it also gets pretty painful with some truly back cracking and cable snapping accidents that will make you grab your body in cringing pain. Some of these workout fails are pure mistakes, some are bad form from noobs not getting the right information. Some are just so random and strange you can’t imagine how anyone would think this is the right way to do… anything.

Either way – the key thing is they are all workout fails and they are all entertaining to the extreme. So kick back on your Friday and queue up the video above for two minutes of mindless entertainment.

Check out the latest episode of Top Workout Fails Of The Week above!

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