YoungLA Drops Sponsored Bodybuilder After Animal Abuse Video Goes Viral

YongLA drops sponsored athlete bodybuilder animal abuse
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YoungLA dropped bodybuilder known as Daddy Aioli after 2022 video of animal abuse resurfaces.

YoungLA, a popular clothing brand for fitness influencers and athletes, have dropped a sponsored bodybuilder after an animal abuse video resurfaced from 2022.

On Thursday, the company released an Instagram story on its official account announcing the release an athlete that it did not name but it has been shared that the bodybuilder is Joshua Guerrero.

Guerrero, known as Daddy Aioli, is a Mexican fitness model and bodybuilder who has become popular on social media. He has built a following of 1.6 million on Instagram and close to 200,000 on YouTube.

Following the news of his release, Guerrero released a statement on Instagram claiming that this video is two years old. Daddy Aioli also claims that there was an investigation following the release of the video, which he says was “taken out of context.”

“I want to talk about a video from 2022 that has resurfaced and is currently trending, it was taken out of context and does not reflect the reality of the situation. In 2022, animal protection conducted a thorough investigation to determine the truth behind the video, concluding with the verdict that my cat has a loving family who cares for her and did not suffer any type of abuse.”


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In 2022, local news outlet, Publimetro, originally reported the story.

Animal defender Arturo Islas was involved in the incident and shared updates throughout. He told his following that the cat was rescued and shared an Instagram story, that has since expired, of the animal safe in a carrier.

Islas apologized in his statement made back in 2022, according to the news report.

“Sadly, I have to share things like this so that the authorities react. I am extremely sorry for the people we affect emotionally. However, thanks to these public complaints, we have been able to find many responsible parties and make them face legal processes and social accusations.”

Guerrero also claims that he has done therapy since this incident and has spoken to animal protection.

“I am a man who believes in God and follows His will for my life, I do not support animal abuse in any way, in fact, I love animals,” Guerrero wrote. “I am a person who contributes to the well-being of animals and would never allow that type of actions. I am sincerely sorry if this case has caused any concern or confusion. I give all my gratitude to the people who support me, I love you all.”

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